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In a Nutshell

The Evil Dead meets A Hard Day's Night. No really.



Fanta, you’re fantasizing!’

Farmer: 'Do you like watermelons?'
Girl: 'No! I like bananas!'
Farmer: 'Bananas?'


Oshare lives with her widowed father. After she finds out that he has become romantically linked with a gorgeous (but freakishly serene) young woman, Oshare decides she must leave the house for summer vacation.

Her father tries to persuade her to stay, but she simply won’t listen. Instead, she decides to visit her Aunt’s house in the countryside.

Oshare persuades four of her friends to come with her to her Aunt’s. The fivesome are quickly revealed to be near-deliberately moronic and shockingly unobservant.

On the journey, the girls encounter a variety of strange characters; most notably a watermelon-selling farmer who has obviously seen a PSA rendition of a paedophile, and thought it was a how-to guide. 

They eventually reach Oshare's Aunt's house to find that she is a kind old lady, with a supervillian-esque white cat.

But Oshare's Aunt's house is haunted, and during their stay the girl’s numbers thin as they are killed in a variety of absurdly brilliant ways.

Written by: David Cole

Release Dates

UK DVD release
January 25th 2010