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When Peter proposes to his girlfriend, he must go on a series of man-dates to find a best man for the wedding, but will his new BFF force the happy couple apart?



Are you man enough to say it?


Peter Klaven: 'So what do I do? How do I make friends?'
Robbie Klaven: 'If you see a cool looking guy, strike up a conversation and ask him on a man date.'

Sydney Fife: 'I love you bro Montana.'

Sydney Fife: 'This is the man cave, there's no women allowed in here. I got a jerk-off station for God's sake.'


To Peter Klaven (Paul Rudd), his girlfriend Zooey (Rashida Jones) and his job mean everything to him.

But when Peter proposes and his soon-to-be wife is quick to tell all of her friends, Peter realises that he has no male friends of his own to fill the role of best man.

Peter seeks advice from his brother (Andy Samberg) who sets him up on a series of man-dates.

After a number of awkward meet-ups and one mistaken end of date kiss, Peter finally meets Sydney Fife (Jason Segel).

Peter and Sydney develop a close friendship, setting Sydney up to fill the boots of best man at his wedding.

But when Peter starts dedicating more of his time away from home and Sydney fills his new life with man-talk, a divide starts to open up with Zooey as their relationship becomes under threat.

Can Peter find a balance with the love of his life, his new best friend, and the stress of work?

Written by: Charlie Derry

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Release Dates

UK Cinema release
April 17th 2009
UK DVD release
August 24th 2009
UK Blu-ray release
August 24th 2009