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In a nutshell:

Will Smith plays detective in a robo-fuelled Asimov cocktail...



Laws are made to be broken.


'Does believing you're the last sane man on the planet make you crazy? 'Cause if it does, maybe I am.'


In the year 2035 robots are a part of everyday life, able to tirelessly handle complex tasks in human servitude.

When the inventor of robot technology is found dead, Detective Del Spooner (Will Smith) is sent to investigate, and is convinced that a robot is responsible for what everyone else is happy to write off as suicide.

As his investigations dig deeper, Spooner uncovers the secret that left the victim dead, and will leave him in a fight for his left and for the future of mankind.

Better on Blu Ray:

Director Alex Proyas (The Crow, Knowing) has a flair for unrelenting action, blending CG and live action to create breathtaking action sequences, such as the car chase in I, Robot.

With crisp sound and clear, rich visuals, watching this scene in hi-def amplifies the intensity and makes you feel like you're a part of the action, and is a great example of why I, Robot is Better on Blu Ray;

Blu Ray Extras:

    * Commentary by Director Alex Proyas and Screenwriter Akiva Goldsman
    * Annotated Guide/Trivia Track
    * I, Robot Production Diaries with Director Introduction
    * Special featurettes on CGI and Design, Visual Effects, Stunts and Robotics - Including 'How To' segments from Production House WETA Digital
    * Extended and Deleted Scenes including two Alternate Endings
    * Five Easter Eggs

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Release Dates

UK Cinema release
August 6th 2004
UK DVD release
January 1st 2005
UK Blu-ray release
March 11th 2008

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