In The Name Of The Father

In The Name Of The Father


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UK Cinema release
February 11th 1994



    • macktan894

      Mar 21st 2010, 21:32

      This film would be included in Great IRA films, inclucing Bloody Sunday, A Mother's Son, Hunger, Wind that shakes the barley and a few others whose titles elude me at the moment. Based on a true story, Father recounts the injustice down to the Conlen family--father & son--who are falsely accused and convicted of a bombing and kept in jail even when it is known that they didn't do it. The British lately apologized for their actions, but the Conlen family of Belfast suffered the father dying in prison and endured the imprisonment of aunts and cousins for the trumped up charge of conspiracy. Daniel Day Lewis is fantastic as the ne'er do well Gerard Conlen who gets caught up in a mess he had nothing to do with and puts up with nearly 15 years in jail, sharing a cell with his father, as a result. His hippy buddies were also arrested and given life sentences!! If it weren't for the tenacity of his father in pursuing justice and the faith of a lawyer who helps him, they would probably still be in jail.

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