Total Film iPad Interactive Edition

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Get two FREE issues of Total Film. Fully interactive on your iPad.

Download the Total Film app and start your no-obligation 30-day trial to get the current issue and the next issue absolutely free!
Featuring interactive pages, picture galleries and full-screen trailers.
Simply search for "Total Film" in the App Store to download the app and start your free trial today.


Why am I here again?

The world’s best movie magazine is now available on your iPad - in glorious interactive-o-vision!

Interactive-o what?

You can read the latest issue of Total Film with full-screen video and movie trailers, exclusive picture galleries, behind-the-scenes footage, animated feature intros and sharable text.

But isn’t Total Film already on the iPad?

Yes, but that’s the flat edition. The interactive edition is loads better - there’s none of that fiddly pinching and zooming, the text is crisp and readable,  and scrolls as you read (at your own pace) plus there’s lovely multimedia extras to wallow in on top of all the content from the world’s best movie magazine. Basically, think of the old Total Film iPad edition as the T-800, while the new version is the T-1000. Er, without the murdering people through the eyes.

It's new! I don't like it!

Don’t knock it before you’ve tried it. Watch the demo video at the top of the page and then scurry over to the App Store/Apple Newsstand to start your FREE 30-day trial and play with all the new features WITHOUT SPENDING ANY MONEY.

Then - pretty please, with sugar on top - buy an issue or subscribe. You won’t regret it. Seriously. It’s absolutely amazing and we’ve worked really hard on it and we need to eat, goddam it!

Fair enough. But what can I do if there are bits I don’t like or things that don’t work properly?

For support, we've got a handy FAQ section below. If your problem isn't covered, then we have a detailed app answer page at or you can email and we will try to get back to you within 48 hours. If you email within the app, then you will be able to include a log with details of your specific issue which will help us resolve your problem quickly.

How do I get Total Film Interactive on my iPad?

Click here to download the free Total Film container app from the App Store. From 11 May, you can then buy individual issues or subscribe. Then start your 30-day free trial to get two FREE issues and try out all the interactive features.

How much is a single issue/subscription?


Single issue: £2.99


Six-monthly sub £13.99



Single issue: £2.99 

Annual subscription: £27.99

Plus! If you subscribe, you get your first two issues free and can then save tons of money!

Can I get Total Film Interactive on my iPhone or iPod Touch?

This version is exclusive to the iPad. If you’d like to read Total Film on your iPhone or iPod Touch, then you will be offered the flat PDF version when accessing iTunes/Newsstand from your iPod/iPhone. Depending on what device you use, you will be offered the relevant product.
Can I get a combined app and print edition subscription?

At the moment, we don’t offer a combined subscription. It’s something we do want to be able to do though, and we’ll let you know when it happens.
Is Total Film Interactive identical to the print and Zinio editions?

Almost. We’ve put extra content into the iPad interactive version which you won’t get in the print or PDF flat edition, but on the whole, the main content appears in both, but there are some things such as video that only appear in the iPad interactive edition.
Will the issues fill up my iPad?

We’ve worked hard to minimise the file size so even a whole year of Total Film Interactive shouldn’t take up much space. You’ll also be able to archive old issues if your iPad does start to fill up.
How do I get issues back that I’ve previously bought or subscribed to?

It depends on how you bought your issues. If you subscribed for a period of time and want, say, to read your issues on more than one device, tap the Help tab at the bottom of your container app and then tap Restore Purchases at top-right of the Help screen. You should now be able to tap any of the issues from your subscription by tapping their ‘Buy’ tab to re-download. If you bought individual issues, just tap to re-buy from the ‘Buy’ tab. As long as you’re signed in to the App Store with the same account you were when you bought them you’ll get a message saying that because you bought those issues before you can download them for free.

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