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Jack And Diane, an indie werewolf horror that portrays the agony of first love, is finally coming to screens after four years of being in and out of production.

Jack follows the tale of two teenage girls who meet in New York and fall passionately in love. However, when Diane reveals that she is leaving the country for France, Jack pushes her away. Diane is determined to keep their relationship afloat, but her newly awakened sexual desires mean that Diane also has a dark secret. She is a werewolf.

Juno Temple (Killer Joe’s Dottie) takes the role of Diane, a part that was once earmarked for Ellen Page (Juno, Inception). Riley Keough stars alongside Temple as Jack, and there's even a role for popstar Kylie.

Directed and written by Bradley Rust Grey, Jack And Diane is set to be an indie horror that uses this hairy mutation as a way of expressing sexuality and desire, unlike the similarly themed Ginger Snaps, which used the lycanthropy as a metaphor for the agony of the biological shift from adolescence to adulthood.

Jack And Diane opens in the US on 2 November 2012, with a UK release date yet to be confirmed.

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