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Oscar-winning scriptwriter Christopher McQuarrie makes a return to directing after 2000’s The Way Of The Gun for Tom Cruise actioner Jack Reacher.

Based on Lee Child’s novel One Shot, Cruise plays Reacher, a homicide investigator who’s looking into a case in which a sniper shot five random victims.

The teaser trailer for the film went live on Cruise’s 50th birthday, and proved he’s still got it when it comes to all-out action.

We first heard of the film back in June 2011, when Cruise first became attached to the project, which was then still going under the title One Shot. Just a month later, he’d officially signed on.

McQuarrie also wrote the script for comic-book sequel The Wolverine, as well as Bryan Singer’s fairytale redo Jack The Giant Killer.

Jack Reacher bounds into cinemas on 26 December 2012. Will you be watching? Tell us below.

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Release Dates

UK Cinema release
December 26th 2012
UK Blu-ray release
April 21st 2013

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