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John Dies At The End caught our attention at Sundance 2012, and it practically defies description, but we’ll give it a go anyway.

Don Coscarelli (Bubba Ho-Tep) directs this comedic horror based on the cult novel by David Wong.

John Dies At The End is about a new drug out on the streets called Soy Sauce (yep, you read that right), which promises an unimaginable out of body experience that enables users to time-travel through different dimensions.

The catch? There is the minor problem that users who come back are no longer human.

Dave and John, played by Chase Williamson and Rob Mayes, are two college dropouts and users of Soy Sauce, who have the task of saving the world from these zombies.

John Dies... is expected to open at some point in 2012. Stick with this page for any further news and features, as well as our official review (which will arrive nearer the time of release). Before it's released, the film will play at the 2012 London Film Festival.

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UK Cinema release
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February 17th 2014

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