Film description

In A Nutshell:

Not your typical happy-ever-after love story



Love is a force you can’t control 


Natalie: 'You don't care what people think, you're just you.'

Keith: 'I've never lied to you before, and I'm not gonna start now.'

Keith: 'Wake up, Natalie. Don't you see what happened here? You had a beautiful life, and I had shit. I hated your guts. I wanted to take you down, I wanted to make you as miserable as I was, and that is exactly what I did. How's that for a goodbye?'


Smart, pretty, and popular high school senior Natalie (Elizabeth Harnois) thinks she has her whole life figured out, but when she meets Keith (Jesse McCartney), a care free boy at her school, everything changes.

Assigned as chemistry lab partners, Natalie and Keith both get to know each other, and as time goes by Keith takes Natalie on a wild journey unlike one she has never experienced before.

The more Natalie learns about Keith, the more she can't help herself falling in love with him.

But Keith has secrets, and when Natalie finds out what Keith is hiding, it will change both of their lives are forever.

Written by: Luis Reyes