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A husband and wife are overjoyed when they buy their first house, but happiness is hindered by an unwelcoming neighbour.

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Release Dates

UK Cinema release
December 5th 2008
UK DVD release
March 30th 2009
UK Blu-ray release
August 13th 2009



    • Andrewh

      Dec 16th 2008, 22:56

      Samuel L. Jackson: either on the right side of the law, or the wrong one. It appears that in Lakeview Terrace his character finds himself with a foot firmly in both camps. When an inter-racial couple move in next door, the disapproving Jackson, widowed father of two, takes it upon himself to do everything in his (abuse of) power to rid himself of his new neighbours. One tangle leads to another, with tension between both neighbours building up to the film's somewhat predictable denoument. There are lighter moments along the way, but the film really engages when the begrudged Jackson turns on his trademark, imposing, angered persona. The nature of some of the altercations give the film plausablility but it could have exploited the full potential of the situation to enable Jackson to harrass on a higher level. Lacking the thrills and suspense associated with similar 'home invasion' movies, such as Pacific Heights, Lakeview Terrace is a worthwhile watch, but does leave you wondering if Jackson, like Danny Glover's Lethal Weapon cop is, 'getting too old for this s**t!'

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    • NMM1310

      May 30th 2009, 1:13

      Lakeview terrace is a good film if in is aimed as a thiller as it makes you think about what will happen next. the story tells about a young couple moveing into a there dream house in california. there next door neighbour abel turner (played by samuel L Jackson) is a los angeles poice officer who is unhappy about lisa and chis mattson ( patrick wilson and kerry washington)being a black and white couple. or the course of the film abel turner uses his power as a police officer to try to make lisa and chris leave and the separate them by sending people into there house to destroy belongings and not allowing them to sleep due to the light on his house. overall lakeview terrace is a film that gives twists and turn thoughout includeing at the end of the film 3 Stars

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