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Les Miserables (2012)


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Everything you need to know about the highly anticipated Les Misérables can be found right here.

Les Mis follows the story of peasant, Jean Valjean, played by Hugh Jackman who is jailed for nineteen years for stealing bread and for trying to escape prison on numerous occasions. Once released from prison he turns his life around to become the mayor of a little town.

Valjean is closely watched by Inspector Javert, the policeman who released him on parole, whom is played by Russell Crowe. The story follows Jackman as he  cares for prostitute Fantine (Anne Hathaway) and her daughter Cosette (Amanda Seyfried), as they move to Paris just as the big student revolt begins.

The first trailer for Les Misérables had Hathaway warbling 'I Dreamed A Dream' (and gunning for Oscar recognition in the process), while early images have shown Jackman rocking an impressive amount of face fuzz.

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Release Dates

UK Cinema release
January 11th 2013
UK Blu-ray release
May 13th 2013
US Cinema release
December 25th 2012

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    • spraggett

      Nov 14th 2012, 20:28

      I worked for the RSC for 17 years les miss was a amazing time. I was on the lighting crew at the time, i did follow spots etc. but on the first night I was giving the night off so I could watch the show. The house manager said there is only one seat left and that was in the barbican theatre answer to the royal box. I sat there for the next four hours yes it was four hours long then and watched history in the making. That was the start , we all knew It was good. Now the world will.

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