Let's Scare Jessica to Death

Let's Scare Jessica to Death


Film description

In A Nutshell:

Taking a countryside trip with her husband following a stint in a mental institution, Jessica finds it hard to readjust to normal life, especially when she starts having visions of the dead.



Something is after Jessica. Something very cold, very wet... and very dead...


Jessica: 'I sit here and I can't believe that it happened. And yet I have to believe it. Dreams or nightmares? Madness or sanity? I don't know which is which.'

Jessica: 'Don't tell them. Act normal.'

Emily: 'Do you like my new dress? My new old dress?'


When Jessica (Zohra Lampert) is released from a mental institution following a nervous breakdown, her husband Duncan (Barton Heyman) takes her on a trip to the countryside to recooperate.

But when the couple encounter a mysterious drifter named Emily (Mariclare Costello), Jessica slips into a paranoid state, convinced that Emily's a ghost, a vampire, or worse, that the whole town is out to get her.

Jessica starts to hear voices, and experiences visions of increasing intensity.

But is it all happening in Jessica's head, or is Emily really trying to scare Jessica... to death?
Written: Sam Ashurst