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Machete Kills see the Robert Rodriguez continue his "Mexploitation" trilogy as Con Air's Danny Trejo reprises his role as the titular character.

After starting life as a fake trailer in the middle of the Tarantino-Rodriguez collaboration Grindhouse, Machete burst onto our screen as a grainy, grindhouse action movie with Trejo carving up criminals in an attempt to clear his name. It was big, dumb, crispy fun and we loved it.

Now Machete is to return in Machete Kills, where Trejo's mercernary is recruited by the US government to battle his way through Mexico to stop an arms dealer from launching a weapon into space. Considering that the final film in the Mexploitation Grindhouse trilogy will be called "Machete Kills Again... In Space!" expect... well... we have no idea what to expect really.

Machete Kills has Rodriguez adding a number of new cast members in to his franchise  including Sofia Vergara, Amber Heard and Vanessa Hudgens. Oh, and then there's Mel Gibson, of course. And Charlie Sheen has been cast as the President of the United States. Charlie Sheen. In the Oval Office. We'll leave you to make that joke up on your own...

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Release Dates

UK Cinema release
October 11th 2011
US Cinema release
October 11th 2013

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