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UK Cinema release
January 16th 2009
UK DVD release
June 8th 2009
UK Blu-ray release
August 13th 2009



    • luke22

      Dec 23rd 2008, 11:26

      sean penn is very, very good but he is not as good as he was in the assassination of richard nixon

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    • Nealsreviews1

      Jan 17th 2009, 15:04

      Gus Vant Sant has become the film making crusader for gay rights over the years with his films. He returns with Milk the story of Harvey Milk, a gay man who moves to San Francisco & experiences bigotry due to his sexual preferences. Driven by a passion to provoke societal change & acceptance, Milk becomes the first openly gay man ever appointed to public office in 1978. In the span of his career, he fights a group of conservatives who try to enact a California referendum which would rob homosexuals of civil rights. Van Sant does a great job of capturing the times of the seventies the cinematography is done quite well. But he does lack on centering on the main theme there seems to be many subplots going on as each character is introduced. The acting is amazing every one put on a stellar performance. Emile Hirsch is almost unrecongnizable as Cleve Jones an activist & Milk’s colleague. James Franco does an excellent heart felt performance as Milk’s early on boyfriend. Penn is phenominal as Harvy Milk definitely should be up with an oscar for this one. Great story about the underdog never giving up for what he believes. Neal Damiano Film Journalist

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