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Joss Whedon has conquered superheroes with The Avengers and horror films in The Cabin in the Woods. Now, he’s added another string to his bow by adapting Shakespearean classic, Much Ado About Nothing.

Amy Acker, Alexis Denisof, Nathan Fillion, Clark Gregg and Reed Diamond are just some of the names in the ensemble, as two pairs of lovers undergo different experiences of romance. The period tradition that Kenneth Branagh set out in such adaptations as Henry V and Hamlet has been left behind in this 21st-Century take on love and marriage.

Shot in just under two weeks at Whedon’s home in California, this low budget indie production shows just how diverse Shakespeare is and how A-list Hollywood directors like Whedon continue to appreciate and revere his work.

Much Ado About Nothing opens in the UK on 14 June 2013.

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Release Dates

UK Cinema release
June 14th 2013
UK Blu-ray release
October 7th 2013

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