Naruto Series 9: The Final Episodes

Naruto Series 9: The Final Episodes


Naruto Series 9: The Final Episodes review

Film description

The ultimate weapon reborn Naruto, Sakura and Lee are hired to escort a "Ninja Dropout"- a criminal ninja - named Gantetsu to prison, and guard him against his comrades, who may be trying to free him. When they get to the transport boat they meet Todoroki, who seems to harbour a personal vendetta against Gantetsu .Will the three ninja be able to fend off any attacks if Gantetsu's friends come to save him? And what is Todoroki's connection with Gantetsu?

Meanwhile, a Sand shinobi, Matsuri, has been abducted by a mysterious ninja. In order to bring them back, Gaara must accept the mystery ninja's challenge. Can Naruto prevent this challenge ending in catastrophe? The time has finally come and its now or never!

Release Dates

UK DVD release
April 19th 2010