New York, I Love You

New York, I Love You


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In a Nutshell:

Tiny stories of love intertwined in the big city.



Every begins.


'I’m single now, so… dinner?'

'These little moments on the sidewalk smoking, thinking about life. It makes you appreciate the city. You watch the buildings, feel the air, you can look at the people, sometimes meet somebody you feel like you can even talk to.'

'God, I love New York.'


The film is a collection of ten love stories;

Gus and Justin both hail the same cab and argue over the quickest way to their shared destination, whilst pickpocket Ben tries to charm Molly but meets his match in Garry. 

In the Diamond District, Hasidic woman Rifka bonds with Mansukhbhai as they haggle over diamonds and connect religiously.

Meanwhile, Gus once again intrudes on another person’s cab. He seems to make a habit of it.

Composer David continually talks to Camille on the phone. He’s hopeless and she’s helpful, though he’s never seen her face.

A writer tries a pick-up line on a woman as they share a light and an intimate encounter on the street. Alex and Anna also share a light, though their conversation is somewhat different.

Sarah and Justin argue over their lack of adventure, though Justin has a surprise up his sleeve.

He’s not the only one, as a 17-year-old boy gets more than he bargained for with his prom date.

Cab-loving Gus continues to journey to his second meeting with Lydia, after their first, unclothed encounter.

Elsewhere, sophisticated Isabelle contemplates life in the presence of Jacob in an Upper East Side hotel and a painter finds his muse in the form of a Chinese herbalist.

Dancer Dante takes Teya to the park and elderly couple Abe and Mitzie take a walk on their anniversary.

All the while Zoe, the video artist, documents the world around her, capturing the people and the moments that love finds. 

Written By: Natalie Xenos

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UK Cinema release
October 8th 2010

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