10 Best Picture Noms for 2010!

The Oscars add five possible choices...

Yes, just when you thought it couldn’t get any longer: the Oscars will feature 10 Best Picture Nominees from now on.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences has announced that next year’s event will feature an expanded Best Picture category.

“Having 10 Best Picture nominees is going allow Academy voters to recognize and include some of the fantastic movies that often show up in the other Oscar categories, but have been squeezed out of the race for the top prize,” said Sid Ganis, president of the Academy.

“The final outcome, of course, will be the same – one Best Picture winner – but the race to the finish line will feature 10, not just five, great movies from 2009,” adds Ganis. “I can’t wait to see what that list of ten looks like when the nominees are announced in February.”

If only they’d added it last year for The Dark Knight…. Oh well... Maybe Up will get its shot next March. But with the Animated Feature Oscar still in existence, we’re not sure.

[Source: AMPAS]

What’s your opinion? Think it’ll make the event ever longer? What movies do you want to see added to the list for next year?


    • joker16

      Jun 24th 2009, 23:03

      I think this is b******t! It will no longer really mean anything to get nominated for best picture. It will just be a list of some good movies along with 5 great movies. Cause lets be honest, there isn't 10 brilliant films every year. Thats why 5 is a good number.

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    • Desperation

      Jun 25th 2009, 11:03

      I'm in 2 minds about this. My first reaction was that this could be a good thing as it would let more films get the recognition they deserve. But i also agree with joker16. There often aren't 10 films each year of a high enough quality, and making it twice as easy to get a nomination de-values the nomination itself.

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    • Desperation

      Jun 25th 2009, 11:10

      Oh and seeing as you mentioned your hope of Up getting a nomination, but it's doubtful because of the Best Animated Feature category, i fully agree with you (in principle). I haven't seen Up yet (because, well, it isn't out yet!) but i've always thought that being an animated feature shouldn't preclude a film from being considered for Best Picture. Last year Wall-E won best animated, which it fully deserved, but i reckon it could have been a real contender for the big one had it been eligible. It was better than Dark Knight, anyway.

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    • dholleyuk

      Jun 25th 2009, 13:10

      I am sitting on the fence with this one, I think that the Oscar board need to get a grip with the "top 5" as these are generally films that havent been released yet, and have been made mainly to get a nomination or award. But then again you make a good point that it could become a general list of films to reach 10 nominations. PS Wall-E has got some great animation but best film, after 20 minutes I turned it off, it was so bad as a film.

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    • AKRajala

      Jun 25th 2009, 20:48

      As dholleyuk noted, the films nominated for best picture generally haven't been released yet, and we all know that oscar buzz is *really* just to create more box office revenue rather than recognize great films, so perhaps this is just a bid to increase the box office revenues all around?

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