10 Things We Learned This Week

Lara's return, the Predator's reboot, The Thing's rebirth

1. The Predator might hunt again - directed by Robert Rodriguez.

2. Megatron will be in Transformers 2 - along with loads of other cool robots.

3. Megan Fox won't be Wonder Woman but she might be Lara Croft.

4. The Thing is beginning.

5. The Hornet is buzzing off. Or maybe not...

6. The Hobbitwill rule them all.

7. Narnia 3 is on...

8. Spielberg has found his Tintin.

9. A drama set in '80s Harlem could be the new Blair Witch Project.

10. The star of Kick-Ass will be a drug-dealing, sword-wielding, potty-mouthed little girl.

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