2012 trailer arrives to destroy us all

Roland Emmerich’s latest apocalyto-porn…

He’s taken out the White House, swamped half of America in awful weather and sunk the UK. But that’s clearly not enough for Roland Emmerich.

Nope, the master of disaster is back with another world-ending (this time, er, literally) circus of carnage in 2012.

It springs off from the Mayan Calendar, which unhelpfully ends on December 21, and predicts that the world will come to an end on that date.

Emmerich is only too happy to oblige as trouble with the Earth’s core brings earthquakes, volcanoes and all sorts of madness.

John Cusack and his splintered family (including ex Amanda Peet) are caught up in the madness.

But do the world’s governments – including Danny Glover’s US President have a plan? Looks like it…

You can check out the international trailer here (no sign of a YouTube link yet) and watch the US trailer below.

Then tell us what you think – classic or clag in the making?


    • AYBGerrardo

      Jun 19th 2009, 3:29

      The Day After Tomorrow was really tedious, and this looks like more of the same from the guy - one scene of massive destruction after another, albeit more varied. Oh, and now with added symbolism! Yawn...

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    • BenCh

      Jun 19th 2009, 8:39

      @ 37 seconds and onwards. Nuff said.

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    • irishbrian

      Jun 19th 2009, 9:27

      Is it me or is there an "in joke" between bay and emmerich to see who can destroy bigger and more famous landmarks ?

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    • Rusco87

      Jun 19th 2009, 12:07

      @irishbrian - i totally agree pal. It is a case of Bay only being able to produce good looking astroids (armagedon and both transformers i know there are not astroids but it's all Bay can do) and ronald is a case of producing good tidal waves same old same

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    • MrMiyagi

      Jun 19th 2009, 12:41

      If the end of the world ever did come we'll all be comparing it to disaster movies! Hahaha! The last thoughts on Earth will be "AAAARGH this is like that film 2012! BOOM! Holy c**p that went up like The Day after Tomorrow! CRASH! I SAW that bit in Independance Day AAAARGH".

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    • BigAndyT

      Jun 19th 2009, 20:37

      i think it looks pretty good!

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    • gracegirl

      Jun 20th 2009, 0:31

      I must admit on being disappointed as it is to similar to all the others. The Mayan Calander does not say it will happen this way. I might be just one big meteor or another flood which will cause another ice age but it is not like this I am sure.

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    • pimpernel

      Jun 20th 2009, 12:15

      If they don't all die then its a rubbish end of the world movie.

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    • scabo33

      Jun 21st 2009, 15:40

      i think it looks awesum.... its just not the best time to release a trailer with Transformers 2 about...

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    • photoflash

      Jun 21st 2009, 15:58

      This is getting really boring, come on! How many times are these guys going to destroy the earth! Look for once how about something with a little positive, or maybe this make film about a virus that only kills celebrities (US/UK fakes ones) and an big fight/race between the UK & us weather on not to keep them alive!! LOL

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    • asfm1

      Jun 21st 2009, 17:29

      If someone in the film says 'It's not the end of the world' with a wry smile, or something like that, I'm going to find Roland Emmerich and I'm going to kill him.

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    • thedarkknight

      Jun 21st 2009, 19:43

      God, when the trailer fails to hold you attention you know something isn't right. And considering one of the only people here who like the look of this spelt "awesome" with a "u", it pretty much sums up the kind of tedious nonsense this really is.

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    • oisinlawrie

      Jun 22nd 2009, 4:49

      Look up the 1st part of Zeitgeist on youtube, you will find out what's gonna happen in 2012, jack-diddly-nout. Probably about the same awesome level of this film..... Does Emmerich just latch on to the next big 'earth killer'? It was aliens in the 90's, global warming a few years ago and now the Mayan calendar is gonna kill us all. Was swine flu not spectacular enough? Or the lack of bee's?

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    • DanGleebitz

      Jun 23rd 2009, 10:10

      This looks like the Day After Tomorrow 2

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