22 incredible pieces of Terminator Salvation concept art

What are you waiting for? See them inside. Now.

It seems McG has been touting Terminator Salvation again, screening a twenty-minute preview in LA and showing off concept art. You can see it in the gallery. Here’s a sneak preview:

As you can tell, the pictures look great. They certainly ease our fears caused by the appointment of Danny Elfman as composer.

In fact, McG answered some questions about the score. When asked about Elfman, he claimed he originally wanted Hans Zimmer, but the Gladiator composer was unavailable.

The director also met with Brad Fiedel to discuss the movie. He doesn’t want Elfman to repeat Fiedel’s work with Cameron, but he will use most of Fiedel's themes and ambient sounds. Phew. Thank god for that.

Take a look at the pictures and then have a wander over to Latino Review to get a detailed preview report.


    • catgoth

      Jan 16th 2009, 19:34

      wow these pics are great cant wait to watch the film to see what the excellently tallented mr bale brings to the screen.

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    • 013BJN

      Jan 17th 2009, 19:11

      I knew it! Marcus is a terminator :)

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