6 new Transformers 2 images online

And the robot line-up has been revealed...

A handful of new Transformers 2 pictures have gone online, and you can check 'em out by hitting the gallery to your right.

They're a mix of a bundle of brilliant behind the scenes shots, a nice picture of Megan Fox falling over, and a new pic of Ravage leaping out of the sea like a weird dog-robot-dolphin thing.

We've also included Paramount's preposterously cool poster announcing the names of the official robots - which includes a breakdown of all the little 'bots that combine to create the Devastator. Actually ace.

You can see that below, then hit the gallery to your right to see more.

(Source: MeganFox.net)


    • TheTingler

      Apr 2nd 2009, 14:52

      Wait a minute, Wheelie? Wasn't he the incredibly annoying rhyming mini-Autobot in Transformers: The Movie? And The Doctor? Easy jokes ahoy! Still, I'm glad Devastator got his name back, despite Brawl pretending to be him in the first film.

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    • NachoMan316

      Apr 2nd 2009, 16:58

      Can anyone tell me who is the doctor? Aint heard of that one.

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    • ExpendableTim

      Apr 2nd 2009, 17:11

      Who exactly keeps making the decision to leave Grimlock and the Dinobots out? And doesn't "Skids & Mudflap" sound just a little bit gay?

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    • Renegade

      Apr 2nd 2009, 17:56

      to nachoman316,the doctor is a decepticon he is a small spider like robot who has the ability to transform into a microscope and he also is installed with various torture devices,his actual name is Scalpel however the decepticons usually call him the Doctor.hope that helps

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    • NachoMan316

      Apr 2nd 2009, 20:04

      To Renegade thanks for that m8. Cant wait for this sequel it's going to blow all the other blockbuster fodder out of the water!!!!

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    • agentblackacid

      Apr 4th 2009, 19:05

      Skids and Mudflap sound like Transformers that Sasha baron Cohen's 'Bruno' would invent... ah well, it's just a big, dumb, loud blockbuster anyway, if it's half as entertaining as the first movie it will be worth the admission fee for 2 hours of escapism.

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