8 Clips from New York, I Love You

Promos for ensemble comedy starring everybody


Cast your minds back to 2006 and you may recall a film our Gallic neighbours produced titled Paris Je T'aime, or Paris, I Love You for all the shy-lingual out there.

Well now New York is muscling in on the action, cast as the back drop for a second series of short films set in the city.

With segments directed by Mira Nair, Shekar Kapur, Natalie Portman and er... Brett Ratner, and starring literally every actor working in American cinema; from Bradley Cooper to Chris Cooper via Shia La Beouf, Andy Garcia and James Caan.

Just as we were about to get excited about the fact that Rachel Bilson turns up, we realised she brings baggage with her in the form of boyfriend Hayden Christensen. Joy.

Check out the clips below, courtesy of hard-working Collider;

Not sure how this one will compare to the light and whimsical comedy of the Paris version, but it looks promising enough, and to be honest with the cast on display contains enough talent to keep even the most leaky ship afloat.

Expect to see it in cinemas sometime around February next year.

New York, I Love You? Or why, God, why Hayden Christensen? Let us know your thoughts.



    • coldtruth

      Sep 28th 2009, 13:36

      Actually, it is Rachel Bilson who ruined it for me. I don't get it why her appearance was anticipated, she never did anything worthy of good review.

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    • AmericANDREAms

      Sep 28th 2009, 16:28

      This isn't Paris Je T'aime, at least not from the clips. Watched as a whole, let me find out.

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