A Nightmare On Elm Street Nancy cast!

Remake has its star...

Despite ourselves, we can’t help but have a grudging respect for the Nightmare On Elm Street remake folk.

Not only have they cast our dream Freddy – Jackie Earle Haley – but they haven’t taken the obvious route with lead girl Nancy.

We were expecting a bikini bimbo for the lead role. We were expecting a Kate Mara type (see below).

Instead, they’ve gone for a Rooney Mara type (below).

Now, we’re not saying Rooney's grotesque or anything, but she’s certainly more girl next door than girl-on-the-cover-of-Sports-Illustrated. Which, frankly, wouldn't be appropriate for this franchise.

[Source: BD]

What do you think of the Elm Street cast? Will Haley make a decent Freddy? Tell us below!


    • RobbyRichmond

      Apr 23rd 2009, 17:40

      Haley's performance in little children as a paedo was superb and was obviously the grounding for him receiving this role. To be fair, the producers will rely on him for this remake to fly. Reboots rarely work as we know but Kruger, especially when being directed by Craven really was evil, proper bad sod evil. I cant see Haley signing on if they were looking for him to return 'freddy the stand up' so if we are looking at evil fred the need for nancy to be cast as young, naive and virginal is definately a must. Her IMDB page doesnt really fill me with any great confidence so i find myself looking aty her elder sister, who was great in transiberian and played the sweet little girl in We are Marshall.. surely she can pass on some tips to little sis...

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