A third trailer for Green Lantern arrives online

Latest promo sets up the backstory

Warner Bros and DC's summer 2011 superhero effort Green Lantern has landed another new trailer.

Since the earliest teaser was unveiled, Green Lantern has received a lot of flack for the hero's fully-CGI suit, and it has had its work cut out convincing the naysayers.

While this latest trailer is unlikely to convert the staunchest skeptics, there's no denying that things have improved considerably, especially when the cossie is seen within the wider, science-fiction-orientated context.

Handily for anyone not quite up to scratch on their Lantern lore, this trailer sees Geoffrey Rush (who voices Tomar-Re) giving a pretty concise summation of the movie's backstory and the function of the Green Lantern corps on the planet Oa.

There's also some pretty nifty shots of fear-gobbling entity Parallax, and a further showcase for the ring's imagination-to-reality powers (Jordan conjures up swords, cars, tanks…)

It'll be interesting to see whether a mainstream audiences will embrace a sci-fi comic book movie that's largely set in outer space. Then again, Thor hasn't done too badly…

Here's that new trailer:

There's not long to wait for the finished product now, as Green Lantern is released on 17 June 2011.

Still dubious about Green Lantern? Or are you convinced that this'll blow everyone away? Let us know, yeah?


    • Porkchopexpress

      May 21st 2011, 12:57

      That's the best trailer so far in my opinion, effects looking polished now, back story of an epic space opera should hook an audience unfamiliar with the source material. I'm only aware of 'The Green Lantern' and have never read anything featuring the character or the universe, but I'll be first in line, nice score on the trailer also.

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    • smellyhands

      May 21st 2011, 12:59

      There are some comic books that will always look silly on the big screen and The Green Lantern was always one of them. I just cant take it seriously. Same goes for Thor. A man with a BIG hammer. C'mon!!!

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    • mskippy

      May 21st 2011, 13:40

      The new trailer looks good, which makes me breathe a sigh of relief as I was going to see this film for one reason and one reason only: Taika Waititi.

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    • BruceShark

      May 21st 2011, 13:59

      I think this trailer shows that the distributers have little faith this is going to do much. If a trailer has to sell the whole backstory to a film you know you're in trouble. That whole speech feels like something that should be in the movie not the trailer. Funny feeling this is going to tank big time. And must agree with @smellyhands, does look way to silly to be taken seriously as a film.

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    • Gunner1

      May 21st 2011, 15:40

      Can't speak for those who haven't read some of the comics (or at least been exposed to GL through the Justice League), but as a former collector of said comics I cannot wait to see this one. This new trailer certainly suggests the effects have been polished up, and even knowing the back story, I reckon the voice over telling the history of the corps is cool. I've always been afraid that GL is one of those comic heroes that would not translate well onto the big screen, but this trailer suggests otherwise. I'll definitely be at the cinema on opening night! @SmellyHands and BruceShark - if you think the idea of a spacefaring cop with a green ring that runs on willpower is silly (much like the idea of a Norse god with a big hammer), I'd stay away from those other movies with 'silly' premises too - like the alien rocketed from his planet as a child, the Super soldier created to fight the Nazis, oh yes, and the ones about the guy who dresses up as a giant flying rodent.... ;-)

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    • Ali1748

      May 21st 2011, 18:02

      I'll probably give it a try in the cinema but my expectations are low.

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    • anonymous

      May 21st 2011, 18:20

      BruceShark I disagree, Warner Bros is the largest studio in the World. They did not invest 150 million +? In a movie they have no confidence in. It was brilliant to set the trailer with info on the background, action and characters. I am looking forward to being entertained by this movie. If you think it is too silly for your taste. here is a novel idea….JUST DON’T GO!!

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    • ScottFree

      May 21st 2011, 18:39

      Warner Bros also paid 100 million + for The Adventures of Pluto Nash which grossed like 5 million..... so Green Lantern should easily do like 7 million... I have to admit, the story seems kinda intersting to me (I'm from the Netherlands and I've never ever heard of the Green Lantern before) but boy oh boy....it looks really awful....! CGI finished and polished....? I hope not....

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    • BruceShark

      May 21st 2011, 18:40

      @anonymous. Not going to this would be right up my street if I had the choice. Which i don't. I'm a projectionist and sadly have to check every print (yes that includes digital) that comes through my door. And hey I hope I'm proven wrong. But the signs have never been good on this one from the get go.

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    • JoelR

      May 21st 2011, 21:28

      I'm not a projectionist but as a moviegoer, the only thing that seemed second-rate was the first trailer (where the effects were far from finished). But the second and now this one has me as excited to see it as I was in 1977 when STAR WARS opened. I've seen trailers for PIRATES, TRANSFORMERS 3, etc...but none of them match the epic scale I'm sensing for GL. And, since I enjoyed director Campbell's efforts on CASINO ROYALE and EDGE OF DARKNESS, I'm optimistic that GL might be the best film of the summer. (Geez, AT LEAST way better than the rancid TRANSFORMERS 3)

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    • Hadouken76

      May 22nd 2011, 1:07

      one for Sunday afternoon on channel 5 , me thinks...

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    • Jorarl

      May 22nd 2011, 12:32

      I think this is going to be a tough one to sell, but good luck to them. It's looking a bit better than the first trailer but I don't feel that buzz of excitement that a summer blockbuster should have.

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    • Ali1748

      May 23rd 2011, 0:07

      Hadouken, lol you couldn't be more right.

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    • wasmccabe

      Jun 2nd 2011, 11:38

      now if they had just released THAT trailer first, instead of the other two, we would have a faaar better reception, wouldn't we?

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