Aaron Johnson is Jack The Giant Killer?

Bryan Singer’s new flick gets the green light

Aaron Johnson

Kick-Ass has now officially made Aaron Johnson hot property. We know this because every time a new movie gets greenlit, he is rumoured to be attached.

Either that, or Bryan Singer just really likes him. After rumours that Johnson would be appearing in Singer’s X-Men: First Class (before the director dropped the gig and settled for a producer credit), word is coming through that Johnson will instead head up Singer’s Jack The Giant Killer.

The director’s update of fairytale Jack And The Beanstalk has just been given a green light by New Line Cinema, and Singer is wasting no time setting about for a cast.

Cheeky chappie Johnson is apparently top of the list, and seems perfect for the role, having impressed with Kick-Ass and Nowhere Boy (even if the upcoming Chatroom is a disappointment). Let's just hope his home commitments (his partner's just had a baby) won't keep him from kicking giant rumps.

The current synopsis doing the rounds on the net involves a princess being kidnapped, rupturing the peace between men and giants. A young farmer then goes on a mission to the giant kingdom to rescue the princess.

Principal photography is set to commence in March 2011, while unconfirmed rumours are swirling that the film will be shot in 3D.

Johnson the giant killer? Can you think of anybody better? Talk to us below...

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    • koolerking

      Oct 23rd 2010, 1:33

      Hhmm, i would say it is that singer "likes" Arron Johnson. I worked with the producer of superman and apparently singer likes them young. And male.

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    • mcghater

      Oct 23rd 2010, 7:43

      dude everyone knows singer is a f*g

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