Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs movie will be filmed as three 30-minute scenes

Film will be shot in real time

Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin has revealed that his Steve Jobs biopic will employ a rather unusual narrative structure, with the film being made up of just three scenes.

According to the Daily Beast, the film will pick up with Jobs at three separate product launches, thought to be the Mac, the NeXT and the iPod.

“Each of the three 30 minute scenes in the Steve Jobs movie will take place backstage before a product launch,” confirmed Sorkin. “That's the movie.”

Each of those scenes will also be shot in real time, as Jobs prepares himself to make the keynote speeches for which he was famed. It’s a bold approach, although given the wonders Sorkin performed with The Social Network, we’re confident he knows what he’s doing.

At present, there’s no director or star attached, and we can expect a release date to be confirmed once those positions are filled. What we do know, is that the film will be innovative. Much like the man it’s portraying, then.

What do you think of Sorkin's plan? Tell us, below!


    • georgeWW

      Nov 16th 2012, 11:10

      hate to say it but this sounds boring as s**t....they could have one an amazing fim about his life instead we are getting this ...

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    • bradendeal

      Nov 16th 2012, 11:41

      i think that aaron is a brilliant screenwriter, but it also takes a brilliant director (like David Fincher) to make his amazing script live up to its full potential. it would heavily depend on the director

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    • Senver

      Nov 16th 2012, 11:48

      Great screenwriter but can't see this working at all

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    • TheJoker84

      Nov 16th 2012, 16:06

      As much as I admire Sorkin, I have to agree with georgeWW, this sounds sh*t!

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