Abigail Breslin joins Julianne Moore’s vamp-flick Innocence

Getting bitey with it


Zombieland star Abigail Breslin is getting in on the vampire movie craze by signing on to star in neck-chewing thriller Innocence.

The pint-sized munchkin of Little Miss Sunshine fame joins the already-cast Julianne Moore. Breslin will play Beckett, a grieving teen who attends a private school that’s home to a nest of vamps.

We can only assume that Moore will play a curiously pale head teacher with strangely blood red lips. Or should that be ‘hope’?

Hilary Brougher, who directed 1997’s Sticky Fingers Of Time and 2006 Tilda Swinton film Stephanie Daley, will helm Innocence.

Based on the book by Jane Menelsohn, Innocence was never marketed as a novel about vampires. You can bet the movie will be, though.

Innocence will go in front of cameras this summer.

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