Abrams courting Spielberg?

The pair might collaborate on a new project…


He created Cloverfield, gave a whole new life to the new Star Trek franchise, and exec produced some seriously successful TV programmes; but now JJ Abrams is hoping to collaborate with Steven Spielberg.

Apparently Abrams has written a script that pays homage to Spielberg’s films of the late 70s and 80s and he’s hoping to direct - with a view to get Spielberg involved.

Plot details are currently a safe guarded secret, but it’s been rumoured to have an anti-Avatar feel – not quite sure how that will work seen as most 80s projects were essentially of the action/adventure, science fiction and fantasy mould – and isn’t that how we’d describe Avatar?

The project’s also supposed to have a low budget – but then again if Spielberg does get on board as the exec producer – do we really think they’ll stick to that?

Abrams and Spielberg – will it be a Close Encounter? Or does the project sound a bit Lost?

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    • boxman42

      Apr 29th 2010, 15:47

      I think you've got it wrong with the Anti-Avatar ideology. It's not saying Abrams wouldn't consider doing a Sci-Fi a la Close Encounters, it just means he'll actually, physically CREATE it (composites, locations, costumes etc..) Abrams knows real cinema isn't dead yet.

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    • Rosewood09

      Apr 30th 2010, 9:37

      I'd be very excited by this prospect - having my 2 favourite directors involved, can only be a good thing

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