Ace new Terminator Salvation trailer is online

“If we stay the course, we are dead. WE ARE ALL DEAD!”

As promised, the shiny new Terminator Salvation trailer invaded the Interwebs at midnight UK time.

How is it? Let’s just say we’ve watched it three times already and are still buzzing from the intensity.

For those of you wanting to avoid any spoilers, we recommend stopping here and not watching the embedded promo below.

While previous trailers have hinted at plot points, given just the main story (John Connor vs the machines) and stuck to big action beats, the new footage keeps all of that but adds extra depth.

So we learn about Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington)’s secret machine nature, but not whether that means he’s truly a villain. “I’m the only hope you have,” he says at one point.

There is also more on Skynet’s tactics (taking human prisoners to use as research for a better Terminator) and the fact that Connor isn’t exactly hailed as the great leader yet.

See it right here…

…And then tell us what you think.

[Source: Yahoo]


    • ashley.russell

      Mar 3rd 2009, 10:08

      wow. that was amazing.

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    • Al Dente

      Mar 3rd 2009, 11:53

      Holy s**t...that...was...badass! Strictly in terms of trailers, Terminator has wiped the floor with Transformers so far, this one pretty much guaranteed that I'll be watching

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    • red157

      Mar 3rd 2009, 14:01

      Well... Was put in mind of Battlestar Glactica and the Watchmen trailer (Doubt this one will get complaints, despite there being slo-mo). Wasn't particularly excited about this, having been burned by T3 and the SC-Chronicles. Looks good. Might be better than that.

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    • RossyD

      Mar 3rd 2009, 19:50

      Even if this Terminator film isn't as adult as the first two, I think its certainly gonna be one kickass action movie! Its surely gotta be better than Transformers, hasn't it?

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    • docdaveybobtree

      Mar 3rd 2009, 23:24

      that's just made me grow a big rubbery one...i really, really hope this is as good as the trailer. hopefully McG has pulled it off, which would be ironic considering the grief he's gotten. still a stupid name though...

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    • place77

      Mar 4th 2009, 1:34

      & if at the end they dare take sam worthington, strip him of his skin and reskin him as Reese from the first terminator and send him back then wouldn't that be a suprise. Either that or send him back as John Connor Looks amazing in a trailer but terminator always stood on a solid story with some rich reflection and comment about the world and society. Popcorn 1 - Substance 0 If it's got a good story then it will rock

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