Adrianne Palicki is G.I. Joe 2's Lady Jaye

And Bruce Willis is being rumoured for a role

Friday Night Lights star Adrianne Palicki has joined G.I. Joe: Cobra Strikes as female lead Lady Jaye.

Palicki recently starred as Wonder Woman in a TV pilot that wasn't picked up, and she also appeared in awful Paul Bettany vehicle Legion.

She joins recently-cast Dwayne Johnson in Joe sequel Cobra Strikes, which is to be directed by Jon Chu (Justin Bieber: Never Say Never).

Channing Tatum, Lee Byung-hun and Ray Park are the only actors from the original said to be reprising their roles, so it'll be interesting to see what's in store in terms of villains.

Bruce Willis' name has been bandied about in relation to the original 'G.I. Joe', Joe Colton, but that's firmly in the rumour category at the moment, with several other actors purported to be on the list.

It's hard to think of many people who'd better suit the role than Willis though, and his presence would no doubt be a draw to those disappointed by the underwhelming first installment.

As Cobra Strikes has been written by Zombieland duo Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, it's looking like this might just be able to turn the franchise around.

Happy to see Palicki bagging an action role after Wonder Woman failed? Would Bruce Willis' presence convince you to buy a ticket for this sequel? Let us know!


    • Indianabones

      Jul 3rd 2011, 21:37

      If i remember rightly in my childhood, Roadblock was on the good side, I can only assume that Joe Colton was as well on the good side, so most likely no big fight..... pity about Scarlett (Rachel Nichols) not returning as well as Lady Baroness (Sienna Miller) as they were nice on the eye, though hated the whole Lady Baroness not being evil all the way through! but it will be a movie that hopefully be a bit more fun than the original, not one i will be on the edge of my seat waiting

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    • writerdave87

      Jul 4th 2011, 0:06

      Despite dalidab doing his usual thing of predicting what a film's going to be like without knowing anything about it, I have no idea how this sequel's going to work. Are they just going to pretend the first film didn't happen? As the end was a pretty big setup for a lot of plot threads; a sequel that doesn't bother tying these up seems pretty stupid.

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