Agent Coulson to die in Iron Man 3?

Clark Gregg wants to live

With Joss Whedon in charge of The Avengers, there's always the worry a fairly major character won't make it to the end. And in the Marvel universe that person would seem to be Clark Gregg's Agent Coulson. 
“I’ve read this! I’m flattered that people care, but I wish they would stop saying this because they’re going to put it in somebody’s mind!” Coulson told Crave Online when asked if he was worried Whedon might kill him off. 
“I’m talking to them about doing Iron Man 3 right now, and somebody’s going 'Maybe Agent Coulson should die,' and I’m like, 'Hey, hey, hey! This is the best job I’ve ever had! Stop talking about killing Agent Coulson off.'”
So is he at least safe in The Avengers
“I talked to Joss Whedon early on. I said 'Hey, why is everyone saying this?' And he said, 'Yeah, I’ve done that before. Don’t worry. You’re safe.'” 
In fact it was Whedon who gave SHIELD's Agent Coulson such a big role in The Avengers
“When we were doing the panel for Thor at Comic Con, right before we went on stage Joss Whedon comes over and introduces himself and says, 'I wrote you a really big part in The Avengers, um... Can I introduce you as part of the cast of The Avengers, with Robert Downey, Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo? Everyone’s here.' And I was like, 'Yeah, I think that would be okay!'” Gregg said. 

Agent Coulson: important part of the Marvel universe or body bag waiting to happen? Decide below in the comments section.


    • writerdave87

      Sep 7th 2011, 1:40

      I'm a massive Agent Coulson fan, I do hope nothing happens to him :p

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    • FBMBurgess

      Sep 7th 2011, 8:39

      Looking at this article, and at the ridiculous amount of Dark Knight Rises photos and news recently, I think Total Film is becoming FAR too spoilerific. Also, please stop with all the Star Wars features. Yes, we all like Star Wars, but PLEASE, enough is enough!

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    • trist808

      Sep 7th 2011, 11:18

      I don't think fans were baying for Coulson's blood, they just assumed he'd go because he's significant enough to mean something if he dies. So if Whedon felt compelled to kill someone off he could do it without actually losing an Avenger but the audience would still be sad to see a favourite of theirs go. Coulson is currently in a series of small adventures/short films though, the first of which will feature on the THOR Blu-Ray, so I hope we see him in Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Ant-Man, Cap 2 plus Avengers 2 as well ... long may he live!!!

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    • FBALee

      Sep 8th 2011, 18:32

      I adore Agent Coulson.. I really doubt he's going to bite the dust. I mean, Joss Whedon does like to kill of the most likable people for emotional heft (Just thinking of Wash in Serenity, the movie made after Firefly was unjustly canceled, makes me tear up STILL) but he also doesn't like to do predictable things. So if people are speculating, I'm sure he'll be fine and survive to deal with more superhero shenanigans.

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    • 5thghostbuster

      Sep 9th 2011, 2:57

      I like that idea that Coulson is the not only the glue that binds the Avengers team together, but is also the glue that binds all of the movies associated with it together. I thought his contribution in Thor was brilliant and he got some great lines. Can't wait to see what Whedon does with him as Joss is clearly a fan of the character.

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    • sergal

      Sep 11th 2011, 6:56

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    • StevePotter

      Sep 13th 2011, 0:25

      Clark Gregg seems like a cool guy. Now I want to hang with him.

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