Al Pacino wigs out in first Phil Spector trailer: watch now

Seriously, check out the wigs!

The first trailer has arrived online for HBO biopic Phil Spector, in which Al Pacino wears an array of showstopping wigs to portray the titular music producer during his trial for the murder of Lana Clarkson.

The new film focusses upon Spector’s preparation for the trial, with Helen Mirren playing the lawyer charged with defending him, and attempting to uncover the truth at the same time.

Spector was always a larger than life character, and in Pacino’s hands, you can guess the direction he takes it in… it’s loud to say the least!

Take a look, below:

There’s always a risk with this kind of character that Pacino might be allowed to run away with himself, but with David Mamet on directing and screenwriting duties, we’re confident that the material will live up to the grandstanding.

Co-starring Jeffrey Tambor and Martin Jarvis, Phil Spector will air in the US on 24 March 2013, with a UK release to be confirmed.

What do you think of the new trailer? Tell us, below!

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