Alexandre Aja directing The Contractor

A tale of elite mercenaries for hire…

Mirrors director Alexandre Aja has agreed to direct The Contractor for Gaumont films.

The film will focus on a world where America can no longer afford to fight its own wars (so, next week, then?) and instead has private contractors send out a team of elite troops to carry out missions around the world.

It sounds like a darker take on GI Joe to us, but who knows what the final shape will take as Ian Jeffers has come aboard to rewrite it.

Aja won’t be starting work on it right now anyway – he has to make Piranha 3D for Dimension first.

[Source: Variety]

Are you still excited by the idea of the fishy remake? Get your teeth into the idea in the comments…


    • compernero

      Mar 14th 2009, 18:48

      Piranha 3D, COOL!!! Will there be any Flying Fish as in James Camerons Sequel? Perhaps they can get John Sayles to do a rewrite?

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