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The title change may have been a Cop Out, but Fox aren't pulling punches on promotion for the film formally known as A Couple Of Dicks - releasing 30 pictures to the interwebs.

There aren't many spoilers to see here, but the sight of Tracy Morgan dressed as a giant foam mobile does fill us with glee.

The buddy cop comedy stars Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan and Seann William Scott is released in April and judging by the recent trailer, we're in for a real side splitting treat.

Heres our five favourite snaps below;





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    • pesh120

      Feb 12th 2010, 21:18

      I think I have seen the whole movie by watching 20 commercials advertising the movie. Honestly, with this much hype you know it's going to be a bad movie.

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    • Hathers

      Feb 12th 2010, 21:22

      Smith & willis together , this is going to be awesome....

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