American Reunion gets a new poster

And it looks kind of familiar...

American Pie sequel American Reunion has been given a new poster, and it’s a deliberate homage to the one-sheet that accompanied the original film back in 1999.

Kevin might have a beard these days, and Oz’s hair is clearly starting to run away from his face, but apart from that the gang look relatively unchanged from when we first met them more than a decade ago.

You’ll also notice that Michelle is clutching a baby bottle rather than a flute, and that Jim’s ill-used dessert is down to the final slice. It’s enough to get you feeling all misty-eyed!

The film sees all of the old team returning to East Great Falls, Michigan for their high school reunion. As well as the usual raft of gross-out gags, we can likely expect some poignant musings on how friendships change over time, and how age catches up with everyone eventually. And then some more dick jokes.

The film is released in the UK on 6 April 2012. Take a look at the new poster below, before comparing it to the original. See what they’ve done there?

Is the time right for a final trip to East Great Falls? Let us know, below.


    • clearwriter

      Dec 9th 2011, 9:31

      Maybe it's simply age making things drop just a little, which I doubt, but if you compare both posters, not one of them looks as into it int he new one. The first films poster, their expressions are all wider, higher, brighter, happier. The new one, they've tried to recreate the looks, but the difference is very noticeable. Kinda sad.

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    • AbAeterno

      Dec 9th 2011, 11:11

      Attack of the f*****g dreadful photoshop! What's the bet none of them were in the same room for the shoot?

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    • FBJBaker

      Dec 9th 2011, 13:03

      I think its awesome, i'm not expecting anything as brilliant as the original but it will be great to see all the characters again and see where everyone ended up

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