American Reunion gets a new trailer

Stifler's Mom, meet Jim's Dad

Following hot on the heels of the recent jerk-off-filled teaser comes a full trailer for the latest American Pie movie, American Reunion. And guess what? It’s pretty much exactly what you will have been expecting.

Stifler is still a booze-chugging sex pest, Kevin is still hen-pecked, Finch is still oddly cool, Jim is still getting his cock out at every opportunity and Oz is still a bit pointless.

Check out the new trailer here…

To be honest, this one was never going to be groundbreaking, but by the looks of things, fans of the original’s blend of dick jokes and sweet-natured romance will be well catered for when the film arrives here on 6 April 2012.

There’s even the promise of some sort of unholy clinch between Stifler’s Mom and Jim’s newly single Dad. Surely worth the price of admission on its own! Maybe…


Ready for another slice of Pie? Or is the prospect making you feel queasy?


    • writerdave87

      Nov 2nd 2011, 20:24

      This is actually starting to look like it has the potential to be pretty good...

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    • FBBCrookes

      Nov 3rd 2011, 10:10

      I'm warming to it. Its definitely a 'wait for it to be on telly' film though which point i'll enjoy it.

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