Amy Adams talks The Muppets and Man Of Steel

Exclusive: “Henry Cavill is very Kermitty!”

We recently caught up with the ever-delightful Amy Adams to chat about The Muppets (who just so happen to be guest editors of this month’s Total Film magazine!)

When we asked Adams if she was a longtime fan of Jim Henson’s fuzzy-felt superstars, she enthused: “As long as I can remember!

“My dad’s really into gadgets and he had one of the first VCRs, so he was constantly taping The Muppet Show. ‘The Rainbow Connection’ is one of my all-time favourite songs!”

As she’s recently been working with both Kermit and Superman, we decided to ask how they compare as leading men?

“Henry Cavill is very Kermitty! There is a humility to Henry and that’s one of the reasons his Superman is going to be so compelling. He has this beautiful face and humble spirit and that’s really a hard combination to come upon.”

The Muppets opens on 10 February 2012, with Man Of Steel following on 14 June 2013.

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Will Adams make a great Lois Lane? What other leading men do you think have ‘Kermitty’ qualities? Tell us!

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