Andrew Garfield talks The Amazing Spider-Man's Spidey sense

Studied arachnids to get an insight

We've heard Nic Cage say he based Ghost Rider's movement on a cobra and Rose McGowan say she had a snake in mind for her witch in Conan, so it's perhaps not that crazy to hear Andrew Garfield talk about his research into spiders for his upcoming turn in The Amazing Spider-Man
The actor was particularly interested in how having spider DNA making up a percentage of your blood would change a person. 
“So I studied spiders, I studied their movements and how they operate in the world and I tried to incorporate as much of that as I could. He’s a boy/spider in terms of how he moves and not just in the suit,” Garfield told the Los Angeles Times
He also said being part arachnid would shape the way his character interacts with people because a spider's skin is very sensitive
“That’s the thing with the spider sense and the way he takes in everything. Imagine all of your skin was as sensitive as a spider, the slightest gust of wind would feel like a tornado going by. You’d always be rushing, that rush. What does that do to you? The idea of how he adjusts to that,” he said. 
Garfield even admits he thought about what it would be like to have more legs and arms. 
“A spider moves up, down, side-to-side, all around. He’s not linear and with the knowledge of that spatial awareness and the fact that he can be here and then over there incredibly fast. The stillness of a spider and the lightness I found all of that very interesting to explore as well.”

Is it refreshing to see actors putting so much thought into what would have been considered two-dimentional roles not so long ago? And what's Garfield's Spider-Man going to be like if he spends the whole movie rushing like an addict on giro day? Tell us below!


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