Angelina Jolie and Luc Besson drama picked up by Universal

Oscar-winner will star in Nikita director's new film

Universal has closed a deal for the distribution rights to the upcoming Luc Besson picture, with Angelina Jolie’s name set to be on the marquee.

The Leon man, more frequently credited as a producer these days, is planning to sire a cross between his acclaimed works The Professional and The Fifth Element, and with the studio snapping up the lion’s share of worldwide rights, the untitled project now looks good to go.

In a move that will prompt many to ask, “what’s the point in even seeing it now?”, Universal has revealingly divulged that it will be a "dramatic thriller with action".

Waifish Tourist star Jolie, whose partner also works in the film industry, is busy haranguing anyone who will listen about her own directorial debut, Bosnian war drama In The Land Of Blood And Honey, but it appears that her collaboration with M. Besson will precede any other turns in front of camera.

Ridley Scott’s Gertrude Bell biopic and Sony’s Cleopatra epic are among the other projects currently trying to catch her eye.

In The Land Of Blood And Honey will be in US cinemas on 23 December, but there are no details of a UK release as of yet.

Will the Frenchman be able to recreate the quality of his best work? Has he chosen well in Ange? Comments please...

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