Angelina Jolie on The Land Of Blood And Honey

Exclusive: “I didn’t set out to ever become a director”

Angelina Jolie gives us an honest, open and uncensored chat as the subject of The Total Film Interview this month.

You can read the full discussion in the brand new issue of Total Film (available for just £1.99 on your iPad), but here’s a sneaky snippet of what Jolie had to say about her directorial debut In The Land Of Blood And Honey, a brutal love story set during the Bosnian war.

When we asked what drew the Oscar-winning actress to directing the film, she told us:

“I didn’t set out to ever become a director or write a script. I was never intending to make a film. I often give myself homework on different things; it’s good exercise to get your mind working. So I was very frustrated by the lack of intervention.

“I’ve been travelling for over 10 years to these conflict and post-conflict zones, and thinking about what happens to people when they live inside these situations, and how their humanity is just stripped apart.

“I spent so much of the time bringing people back - like they’re in the refugee camp and returning them to the place where they faced war.

“So I wanted to have a meditation on what this is and how people who are neighbours can turn against each other.”

In The Land Of Blood And Honey will open in the UK in 2013.

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    • ilikescifi

      Jan 20th 2013, 11:13

      I rewatched Hackers just last night since seeing it at the theatres. Jolie is a rare flame

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    • davidyang

      Jan 22nd 2013, 3:50

      "I'm not somebody who thinks about destiny and fate, but I don't walk away from it when something unfolds." Good to hear that Ange! Let's get this done soon! XOXO

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    • YTWhitemanson

      Jun 4th 2013, 19:10

      why didnt yo review this film? angie didnt show her t**s so you dont give a flyin f**k? no marvel and no dc makes total film dont care ?

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