Anne Hathaway playing Judy Garland

On film and on stage too, apparently…

Fresh from proving that she can add “singer” to her considerable range at the Oscars, Anne Hathaway has signed on to play Judy Garland for the Weinsteins.

The power pair has nabbed the rights to Gerald Clarke’s Garland biography Get Happy, which hit shelves in 2001.

"You get an enhanced perspective of Judy Garland through this book and we feel Anne can really put her own stamp on that," Weinstein VP Ben Famigilietti told Variety.

The interesting twist is that the book will be adapted into both a stage and film version, with the Weinstein Company unsure which will come first – the chicken or the… Sorry, the stage or screen version.

There’s something you don’t see every day – a film company locking down the stage version at the same time as the movie. Next week, expect the musical and remake to get announced.

[Source: Variety]

Hathaway as Garland? Great casting or bad choice?

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