Anne Hathaway to star in Barbarella reboot?

Rumoured to be attached


Anne Hathaway could be about to don go-go boots and float around in space as action heroine Barbarella.

Or she could not. A mysterious tweet by Pajiba has revealed: “A. Hathaway latest ‘attached’ to Barbarella. Project currently is without a director.”

Which is either the website making a joke that the word ‘attached’ implies Ms Hathaway is physically conjoined with the project – or it’s a cautious relaying of a rumour.

Either way, Hathaway’s name is just what the troubled project needs to give it a bit of a boost. It’s been languishing in that deep, dark place in Hollywood where movies go to die after Robert Rodriguez failed in 2007 to get a reboot off the ground.

Would Anne make a good Barbarella? She’s shown she can handle an action scene with Get Smart, and she’s adept at both comedy and serious drama – something the film will no doubt require. We're sure Jane Fonda approves.

Think Hathaway's the right choice for the Barbarella reboot? Drop us a line below...


    • rjdjones

      Dec 10th 2010, 15:42

      Barberella's a piece of 60's kitsch - what's the point in a remake? I see little point in updating something that doesn't need updating. Putting aside the nostalgia I remember the film as consisting of a weird story, awful acting and dialogue, appalling special effects and the only part I'd want to see again would be the zeroG strip at the start ... without the annoying titles getting in the way.

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    • JimmyJump

      Dec 10th 2010, 16:54

      Inthis case, 'remake' would mean 'rewrite' and we'll consequentially end-up with a totally different movie. Which, considering the original, might not be such a bad idea... And Anne Hathaway with or without a strip is always lovely to watch. JJ

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    • BruceShark

      Dec 13th 2010, 19:26

      pass the handcream

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    • jukeofurl

      Mar 8th 2011, 11:56

      Hand creams aside, I agree with the others on all counts. The original Barbarella flick was actually true to the source material - a French comic strip. But yeah, other than Jane Fonda's looks, the movie was lame. It would need a story line & script for sure. As for AH - I like her well enough to see it if they fix the problems of the first.

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