Another Final Destination 5 trailer crashes online

“Everybody off the bus!”

final destination 5

Like destruction? Dead teens? Over-the-top violence? Your luck's in – a new trailer for Final Destination 5 has just screeched online.

The latest in the death-defying franchise revolves around a suspension bridge disaster. Said tragedy should claim the lives of an ill-fated group of people, but they survive thanks to one young man having a premonition about it.

Death wants his dead bodies, though, and he’ll do anything to get his bony mitts on them.

This new trailer shows off FD5’s central disaster from different angles to the first sneak peek, and it’s mightily impressive, with near seamless CGI.

There’s also Tony Todd returning as a creepy, in-the-know coroner (“Death doesn’t like to be cheated”) and the promise of a new twist on the franchise, with victims being able to get their lives back by killing somebody.

Check out the new trailer below…

Final Destination 5 opens 26 August.

Finally? Or make this the final one? Looking forward to a fifth round with Death? Shove us your reactions below...


    • MikeyRix

      Jul 8th 2011, 8:48

      They should have just left it at "3". That was comedy gold, that was.

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    • Trickycustomer

      Jul 8th 2011, 16:37

      as long as the deaths are fun to watch they should keep throwing the films out, because lets face it thats what we watch them for.

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    • Cairo9

      Jul 9th 2011, 15:28

      it appears that death only goes for good looking characterless and easily forgettable people. though he does go to a lot of trouble. What's wrong with a heart attack, it would save a lot of time and energy!! I think the deaths will come at the end en mass when the audience dies of boredom.

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