Another new Captain America image surfaces online

America in action

captain america

Only last week, we got our first full-body shot of Chris Evans suited and booted as action superhero Captain America.

Clearly struggling not to get lost amidst all the excitement over Andrew Garfield’s similar reveal in the new, natty Spider-Man suit, a second shot of the Cap’n has been revealed online.

Unveiled by the LA Times, this is the first action shot we’ve seen of Evans in the suit, and shows that despite the bulky costume, he’s expected to be pretty fleet-footed when it comes to dodging bullets.

Still, he looks the part, and the cossie really does seem like a sturdy suit of armour, built to withstand conflict of the tallest order.

Captain America: The First Avenger opens 29 July.

What's your opinion on the Cap'n's look? Drop us a line below...


    • Frankie88

      Jan 17th 2011, 13:14

      Costume designers at Marvel are just incredibly creative people who do a great job. Iron Man, Thor, Capitan America, both Spidey suits, spot-on!

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    • sudynim

      Jan 24th 2011, 8:30

      Did you really say, "cossie"? (Yes, I registered, just to ask that question).

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