Another New Moon trailer hits online

Meet Jacob Black. Again...

The second official trailer for The Twilight Saga: New Moon has arrived online and you can see it below.

In another annoying move to top the 15-second "trailer teaser" of last week, it's a hybrid of actual new footage and the cast - well, mostly, Taylor Lautner talking up how the story moves on this time.

Let's face it: if you love Twilight, you've already sent your eyes downward to watch the footage. And if you loathe the sparkly vampire crowd, you've stopped reading.

So without further ado... the trailer. Let us know your thoughts, Twi-hards!


    • pimpernel

      Aug 18th 2009, 8:49

      I love how unapologetically emo and schmaltzy Twilight is. When I see this I'm pretty sure I'll be torn between the need to vomit and uncontrollable laughter. And Lol for Jacob's line at the end - "don't get me upset" why what happens? Do you cry? Or just transform into a massive squirrel? His next line is almost certainly "You wouldn't like me when I'm upset!", and in the background Bruce Banner is rofl coz he's found his 'mini-me'.

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    • Wintermute

      Aug 19th 2009, 10:38

      Here we go again! It's really rather a sad state of affairs when bland, predictable guff like this gets a nation of teenagers (and a fair degree of adults to boot) wetting their collective pants with anticipation and excitement for the latest installment in this "romance of the century" nonsense. Having had the "pleasure" of an ex-girlfriend reading the series to me I can safely say that at no point during the saga was I in the least bit bothered about what happened to these altogether dull collection of characters. As for the films themselves, well I'vjust seen this trailer my fears regarding the sequel have just been duly confirmed ... namely the legendary curse of bad CGI. Compared to the likes of classics such as "American Werewolf" and "The Howling" the werewolf transformation on show here is, quite frankly, unconvincing, cartoonish and altogether naff bringing back horribly unwelcome memories of "Van Helsing". Throw in some poor CG stuntmen that lack the necessary weight to convince as anything other than a collection of pixels and I was sighing long before the trailer ended. Hell, I haven't even mentioned the fact that Robert Pattinson can't even flippin' act ... an opinion that is sure to have an angry mob of lovelorn teenage girls after my blood! But seriously folks, if it's tender romance and vampires you're after I suggest you watch Tomas Alfredson's hauntingly beautiful "Let The Right One In" ... a film that excercises the blessed triumvirate of subtlety, intelligence and style. Meanwhile I'll just cross my fingers and hope this "Twilight" craze passes as quickly as the new moon itself ... I'm sure it's just a phase they're going through!

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