Another terrifyingly tense Gravity trailer: watch now

“I’ve got you”

If you’ve been following the recent trailers unleashed by Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity (and if you haven’t, catch up here and here), you’ll know that the promo material so far has been spare and nerve-shredding.

Gone are the usual montages, epic musical cues and deluges of spoilers, swapped out for a tense sequence seemingly pulled straight from the film.

It’s a brilliant marketing method (for this film at least), as it captures the intense scares, incredible special effects, and terrifying concept without giving away the entire plot.

If this isn’t one of the scariest films of the year, we’ll eat our space-boots.

Watch the “I’ve Got You” Gravity trailer below:

Starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, Gravity opens in the UK on 18 October 2013.

Do you like Gravity’s approach to trailers? Has it pulled you in? Tell us, below…


    • FBBDuke

      Jul 25th 2013, 16:51

      I just hope this doesn't become "open water" in space !...that was 80 mins of my life ill never get back !

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    • smellyhands

      Jul 25th 2013, 19:47

      I hope this film isnt just Sandra Bullock making the same "ah... nah, ahh" noises all the time. Its already unbearable and thats just from a couple of minutes of footage.

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    • gonzoBen

      Jul 25th 2013, 21:55

      This looks like that film that's set in space.

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    • rebeccapope

      Jul 25th 2013, 22:23

      Oh my God that so scary it would be my worst nightmare reminds me of open water that scared the s**t out of me never going to go scoober diving

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    • Ali1748

      Jul 25th 2013, 22:39

      Yeah I am worried it's all going to be set in space too.

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    • jamestaggart

      Jul 26th 2013, 9:59

      It would be great if while Sandra Bullock is drifting off, we see a Face hugger slam onto her helmet. Is it just me or have the studio's showed a bit too much of what I am guessing are the 'action scenes'. The whole film cannot be them both continuously slamming into parts of the space shuttle surely? Yes, it looks VERY impressive. I mean it looks real. But I hope there is more to the film than just that.

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