Anthony Hopkins is an exorcist

Legendary actor signs on for The Rite


Oscar-winning actor Anthony Hopkins continues a string of fun roles with The Rite - an exorcism dramabased on actual events.

The Wales-born star was recently seen hamming it up in The Wolfman, and next year he'll be appearing as king of the Norse gods, Odin, in Marvel's Thor.

Mikael Hafstrom will direct The Rite, which is adapted from a book by Matt Baglio.

The plot sees Sir Tony playing a Vatican priest, who happens to be an expert in unorthodox exorcisms.

He takes a disenchanted American seminary student under his wing to help restore the lad's faith.

Though this sounds like it has worrying echoes of the dreadful Heath Ledger vehicle The Order (The Sin Eater), the concept of Hopkins playing a demon-busting priest should be worth the admission alone.

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    • pulpfiction

      Feb 25th 2010, 12:30

      is it just me or did he f*****g suck a*s in the wolfman?

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    • hawktheslayer

      Feb 25th 2010, 13:04

      I always thought he was overrated and anything he does these days is a let down - he started to believe his own hype

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    • reviwer

      Feb 25th 2010, 13:48

      Wolfman sucked full stop!

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    • Scholes60

      Feb 26th 2010, 0:41

      When I first learned that Anthony Hopkins was to play Allfather Odin in the upcoming Thor movie, my first thoughts were that he was too small. Thor's daddy in the Marvel comic (and in Norse mythology more generally) is a rather large, very imposing entity. Still on reflection I'm not sure that's so much of a problem. As a Thor fan since Marvel Thor was first created (and maybe even a little before that) and a long time Thor fan fic writer I just can't wait for this movie.

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