Are you a Film Addict?

How many of IMDb's top 250 have you seen?

What use is the IMDB's Top 250 list if you can't shrug and brag to your friends about how you've seen 76.5% of the movies?

The Film Addict website takes the strain out of the process with a checklist of the full 250.

The method is simple: take ten minutes to tick all the films you've seen, enter your name, then compare your percentage rating on the high-score table of friends and peers. ("43.2%! Call yourself a film geek? I scored 82.7%. In your face, non-Hotel Rwanda-seeing loser!"

Do it.

(Note: looks like their server might be suffering, but you can still do the test and bookmark your page until they fix it.)

Question: What's your Film Addict percentage? Confess a major film you still haven't seen...

Source:Film Addict

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