Arnie is a most wanted man in new Sabotage spot: watch now

“I’m gonna destroy them”

A new TV spot has popped up online for Sabotage, in which Arnold Schwarzenegger’s DEA badass is described as a vicious drug cartel’s “most wanted man”.

Previous teasers have shown how the cartel puts Arnie’s team-mates in the crosshairs after knocking off their stash house, but this latest video shows how the stakes are even higher for our hero when his family are snatched.

Needless to say, Arnold isn’t playing the kind of guy to just accept his family’s abduction lying down, and it isn’t long before he’s tooling up and heading out to war.

Take a look at the new spot, below…

Having watched him churn out old catchphrases for LOLs in the Expendables movies, its great to see Arnie snarling a threat like he really means it. “I’m going to destroy them,” being a case in point…

Directed by David Ayer and co-starring Sam Worthington, Olivia Williams and Terrence Howard, Sabotage will open in the UK on 9 May 2014.

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